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The Latest Craze No Chip Manicure

The Latest Craze No Chip Manicure

Day 2 of my pampering experience…decided to try this new no chip manicure. I hear people talk about it all the time. It’s supposed to be no-chip for 14 days (maybe even longer) and it dries instantly.

I love the french manicure and have tried acrylic nails. But just never been a fan of acrylics. My nails grow so fast that I always have that gap at the edge of the acrylics which totally BUG the scheisters out of me. And I hate the unnatural feel of the nails. You know, where you can’t feel what you’re touching and you never want to touch anything with your finger tips and blah.

I’m a busy girl and I hate the fuss. I cook every day, can you tell?! And I just can’t be bothered with the acrylics. But that’s just me! I’m sure acrylics are great for others.

So…went to Vickie’s Personal Touch this morning and gave it a try. My nails dried instantly. I was out of there in 30 minutes and I can touch anything I want without the worry of chipping my newly manicured nails.

I asked them if it was “safe” on your nails. Supposedly it is….but when your nail polish is about to chip off, NEVER pull them off as it can peel off a layer of your nail! UGH! Sounds painful.

Take a look at the picture below.  Those are my natural nails.  What do you think?

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  • Glad your experience at our salon was as expected and you enjoy your new shellac. Thanks for the post and hope to see you again soon.

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