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Shrimp Taco with Frontera Shrimp/Fish Taco Seasoning Sauce

Shrimp Taco with Frontera Shrimp/Fish Taco Seasoning Sauce

I went shopping at Fresh Market yesterday and what a treat that was! When they say “fresh” they meant it. I was greeted by fresh flowers, fresh produce, fresh meats, they even make fresh sushi daily! I swear, there were two sushi chefs preparing sushi right there, in front of your very eyes. But sushi aside, I love how there are wide selections of exotic fruits and vegetables. I LOVE how they stack them ever so neatly. I also love, love, love the fresh aroma of foods being prepared to entice you and make you salivate. But most of all, I LOVE the way the staff greeted me when I walked in the door and offered a sample of their fresh cut pineapples and fresh baked pound cake, which happened to be one of their Tuesday Special items. The staff were so friendly, so engaging and they were simply being! One the way out, one of the staff members even helped me to put my groceries in my car.

One other time I was there with my husband looking for something to make for our date night when one of the workers greeted and asked us, “How would you like to experience nirvana?” What?! Well, yeah, take me there!  🙂 He was referring to the filet mignon he was preparing. Let me tell you, it was exquisite! The filet mignon and the date night! Hee!

OK, why am I telling you all this? We in social media need to take the same advice from Fresh Market. There they are in their store, working, doing what they do best, doing what they love and sharing it with whoever happens to walk in the door. They talk to you, they offer help, they offer you a taste of what they have on special or otherwise. They make your experience from beginning through end extra special.

That’s what we all need to do when we launch a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media account. Don’t just have a social media account for the sake of it. Get to know your customers, ask them what they like, offer a sample of what you have, talk to them, respond to them, engage with them. It’s a two way communication. Social media is not about being out there and yelling at people about what you do. We already know that. We read it in your bio. Consumers need to know that they’re being treated well, being entertained, being made to feel special.

Social media is about communicating. Give your customers that nirvana they’re all looking for. Because you know what?  If you won’t, they’ll go somewhere else. It’s as easy as hitting the “dislike” and “hide” buttons.

Remember, social media is not about you — it’s about them!

And here’s what I have for you….a simple recipe from one of the items I bought.



Fresh packets of sauce mix from Chef Rick Bayless. That’s it! Just provide 2 pounds of boneless pork roast, cut up in chunks, brown then slow cook as instructed on the packet. Plain and simple and it was oh so tasty!  If you could only smell the wonderful aroma in my house, you would think I labored all day.


Shrimp on corn tortilla with cilantro


This is what I made from the other night. Shrimp tacos, also made with Frontera Shrimp/Fish Taco Seasoning Sauce.


PS:  I dedicate this blog post to one of my online friends, Jen Olney. Writing about our passion is what this is all about. Social media and FOOD! “Anything goes, no rules, no limits….LIFE……Just {BE}!”

9 thoughts on “Shrimp Taco with Frontera Shrimp/Fish Taco Seasoning Sauce”

  • Jocelyn,

    what a great blog post! I live in suburbia and not too many big name companies are located here – Still waiting for Trader Joe’s!. However, a Fresh Market opened up about 20 miles form here and I was debating whether it was worth it. I HAVE to plan a trip there after reading your post.

    On the social media end, I want to tell you: you’ve got it right! 🙂 You and I engage for real on Twitter and Facebook and I love that. We are so fortunate to ‘get it’. And I am confident it shines through. Our clients are lucky…;)

    I am looking forward to more excellent posts.

    Going to go make some fruit salad now and thinking about fresh fish for dinner…

  • Your shrimp tacos look really easy to make and delicious! Got me some idea for Friday night dinner. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  • Jocelyn, I LOVE Sushi! I especially love to watch the Sushi artisans make it. I’ve never been into a Fresh Market, but I walked by one once. It’s funny, because passing by and looking in made me want to go in…and I would have, if I hadn’t been in such a hurry.
    You know, a statement Stan Faryna made above resonated with me today. “There is a certain lack of hospitality…” I know in my own life, I truly frequent the place that treat me as if they are welcoming me into their home. It’s not a “do you want fries with that” up-sell kind of “hospitatlity,” either. It is a genuine welcome. I am here to serve you. May I help you. Here, taste this, because I know you’ll love it kind of hospitality.
    I often refer to Ken Blanchard’s “Raving Fans.” It is a classic look at going that extra mile to make your customers feel like people rather than cattle being run through a chute. It sounds like Fresh Market has that kind of vision. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  • This is an outstanding message, Jocelyn! I’m so amazed by your message and words. Social media is about engagement, relationship and being original with your content. You have inspired me 😉 Give your audience what they love and they will return for more. It’s about being true to yourself and that is what folks will respond to. Build a community that connects with you. Cheers, Jocelyn. I’m proud to have you in my community and honor for the connection.

  • I liked your message, Jocelyn. Social media is, in fact, all about the people. I don’t know why it’s so hard for some people to get that – even the so-called social media experts. I may even be guilty, myself. But I have an excuse. I’m not trying to sell you anything. However, I like having good company around.

    There is a certain lack of hospitality going on. Sometimes, it’s just a little. Sometimes, it’s a lot. Bill Dorman, for example, is someone who comes with the A game in warm, friendly engagement. Of course, he’s from the insurance industry and successful insurance people tend to be warm, friendly, and good listeners. If he was selling social media services, Bill would CRUSH it. Check him out if you have a chance.

  • Jocelyn,

    We don’t have a Fresh Market near me, but I now wish we did! As I drink my miso soup this morning, I am now hungry for a yummy fruit salad–which I will have to make for lunch now. 🙂 I agree with you completely about what you stated about social media…it is about being social…communicating. I have meet some amazing people on it and you are one of them. Love your blog. Looking forward to more. 🙂

  • Jocelyn,

    Nice post!

    Words that jumped off the page for me:

    “Don’t just have a social media account for the sake of it. Get to know your customers, ask them what they like, offer a sample of what you have, talk to them, respond to them, engage with them. It’s a two way communication. Social media is not about being out there and yelling at people about what you do.”


    We must do shrimp sometime — A fave of mine too…


  • 1st off… you had to beat me at WORDS with friends (Congrats) and then… you make me super hungry reading your blog. Sigh.
    I could not agree with you more about just being social. Its so easy to miss the point and just be focused on tools, or yourself. One tip might be thinking.. would I behave like this in real life? Might stop one from being self centered or tools happy.

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