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Middleton’s on Main ~ Wauconda IL

Middleton’s on Main ~ Wauconda IL

One of our favorite places to eat in Wauconda, Illinois is Middleton’s on Main.  Middleton’s or MOM’s as townies call it for short, opened around Memorial Day weekend 2012.

Middleton’s offer a variety of items on the menu with themed offerings during the week, like Tuesday Tapas, Friday Fish Fry and they even have fun activities in the evening like Trivia Night on Mondays, Open Mic on Wednesdays, just to name a few.  They have a full service bar, with seatings both first and second level and my favorite during the summer months, the balcony seating where I can also do some people watching while I eat!

Anyway, my mother-in-law celebrated her birthday and we decided to take her to Middleton’s on Main.  She and I ordered the Seafood Pasta for dinner, which was their special that night.  I have to tell you, it is so full of flavor and the serving was pretty generous.  Here’s a picture of it.  What do you think?  It had shrimps, muscles, scallops and clams.  Did I make you salivate yet?  Anyway, as we enjoyed dinner, my husband snuck out to ask Chris, our server, if he would bring her out a special treat.  Look down below for a picture of what he brought her!

Pasta with seafood and shellfish with garlic bread on a white dish

It’s an Apple Crisp a la Mode.  Check out the presentation on that with the caramelized sugar.  It tastes just as good as it looks.  And as if you think it can’t get any better, Chris our wonderful server, came out with this decadent treat and serenaded my mother-in-law.   WOW!  What an amazing voice he has.  We were mesmerized by his singing voice.  American Idol material, I’d say!

So moral of the story, if you or someone you know is celebrating a birthday, make sure to go to Middleton’s on Main and ask for Chris to have him sing “Happy Birthday.”   You will be glad that you did!

Check out this Apple Crisp for dessert.  Doesn’t it just look absolutely amazing?

Apple crisp dessert with vanilla ice cream and sugar crystal on a white square dish

So tell me….how about you?  Have you been to Middleton’s on Main?  What’s your favorite dish over there?  Have you met Chris, the guy with the fascinating voice?  He was a bit shy at first, not sure if he wanted me to write an article about him or not.  But when I told him that I was going to post it on Facebook,  he didn’t hesitate for a second….and said, “YEAH!”

So Chris, hope you like this one.  Next time, I’ll have to take a photo of you too!

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