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Libraries to Stay or Not to Stay?

Libraries to Stay or Not to Stay?

This morning I had a nice time with my son at the library. Yes, library! Because some times this boy needs some down time! Hah!


Boy playing in the playground


Anyway, we borrowed some movies, and yes, they were free, a Wii game, that was free too, and of course we borrowed some books, free! We even got a cup of hot chocolate for him while I enjoyed a nice gourmet cup of coffee, and it only cost us $1.50 for both!

We sat in front of a nice, warm, fireplace. It was very cozy. He and I talked about the books we got, while we sip our hot beverages. We had a really nice bonding moment.

Then when it was time to go, the librarian, who was very cheerful, scanned our library card and checked out all our books.  Then off we go to start our day of rock climbing…he’s rock climbing, not me.  🙂

In any event, I love the homey feeling I get every time I go to the library — nice chairs to lounge at, the fireplace, the coffee, nice and friendly people and wall to wall books. Ohhh and I love the hunt? You know, when you want to read a certain type of book, you go to the computer (I know, no more card catalogs, how many of you remember them?!) and type in your search words, and it gives you the number of the book, it’s 618.73. You go to the aisle that has, 600.58 – 701.28, and look for 618.73, and there it is! You found it! YEAY! The hunt! An who can’t forget the library smell?!?!

OK, so gone are the days of card catalogs, computers took over.  My local Borders, just last month announced that they were going out of business. People are downloading eBooks, Kindles are becoming more and more popular, then there’s the iPad, my favorite. How many of you are salivating over the new release of iPad 2? I am!!!

So with all this new technology, do you foresee libraries following suit just like all the book stores and rental video stores that are closing? What are your thoughts on this subject? Libraries to stay or not to stay? That is the question!

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